Effect Labs Pvt Ltd – My First IT Company

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Research & Technology
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It is a dream of every software engineer to get through some IT company, when he can pursue his dream of becoming a successful software developer. Although the Journey upto here was not easy. And i believe it should be done this way only, who wants a easy life !! At least am not , So after my selection in Effect Labs , i was on cloud 9. The happiness just can not be explained in few words.

The Interview went awesome, everything was so cool till here. First i will let u know about the company profile.

Founded in 2009 by IIIT Alumni and Advised\Mentored by IIM Alumni with accomplished records in all areas of Technology consulting and development – bringing in strong balance of “real world” insight and strategy-based development.

Effect Labs is a leading customized solution provider. High technical acumen and visionary leadership makes Effect Labs a great asset as a Technology Partner. Started by alumni of premiere India Universities like IIIT and IIM, Effect Labs not only promises highly professional services but also maximizes your ROI. If you are looking for any technical consulting our heros are waiting to help.

Official website is : http://www.effectlabs.com

My Thoughts on Company : People here are always ready to help you and guide you. Talking of Management side, these people give you freedom to implement what you think is in favor of this company. Sushant Pandey, CEO and Co-Founder of company is a man of few words, a guide, a technology lover person.  Its nice to be here at this company. Lot to learn , lot to experiment. 🙂 Happy to be at effect Labs



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