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Samsung’s Galaxy S III was one of the most successful Android smartphones of all time, but is the Galaxy S4 a worthy successor?

In a word: yes. The Galaxy S4 manages to build on the framework that helped Samsung sell over 40 million Galaxy S III devices in the first seven months, and it packs in new features and better specs to keep it competitive with the likes of the HTC One and other high-end Android devices.

When the  market is full of  smartphone and that too at very nominal cost. Would Galaxy S4 , will be able to reach out in Indian market. Micromax HD Canvas is selling around 10k in market. But will you spend 42k  for smartphone ?? Too many questions to answer. Let us first look at some of the crunching features of Galaxy S4

” Samsung Has more galaxy than Universe”- It is now universal fact , with its wide galaxy range, Samsung  had capture 43% of the smartphone market. So what made Samsung “King Of Smartphone ” world . Well the points are many. They  know how to hit the nail at the right place. what customers want? Pricing Policy & many more.

Same Size Body, Bigger Screen !!

It’s now 5 inches instead of 4.7. In practice, I’m not sure if the added screen real-estate makes a difference, but it’s certainly nice to get such a big screen into a device that doesn’t take up any more physical space.

Speaking of the screen — it’s gorgeous. It’s 1920×1080 — that’s full HD — AMOLED and backlit. Text is crisp, colors are vibrant and blacks are deep.


Samsung introduced its “Best Face” and “Best Photo” features with the Galaxy Note II, and the features are a bit more refined with the Galaxy S4


On the surface, the specs for the Galaxy S4 don’t look diametrically different from the Galaxy S III. Both have quad-core processors and 2GB of RAM.


The camera on the Galaxy S4 is now 13 megapixels (up from 8 on the Galaxy S III) on the rear and 2 megapixels on the front. The bigger story, however, is with the camera software.


Eye tracking is one of the more talked about features in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and with good reason. From ‘Smart Pause’ which will pause a video if you stop looking at the screen, to ‘Smart Scroll’ which will follow your eye movements to automatically scroll up or down through web pages and ‘Smart Stay’, which will ensure that the screen never turns off while you’re looking at it, there are a bunch of features here to get excited about and they all feel like something from the future.


Sound Shot allows you to take your photos to another level by adding audio to them. The audio you add could be environmental sounds to help you capture the essence of a scene, or it could be a short clip of music or you could even speak over the photo, creating a short audio-visual message. Is it a gimmick or is it a smart re-interpretation of what a photo can be? We’re not sure, but it’s a lot of fun.

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  1. danteinitaly says:

    I also wrote a review of the GS4, if you want to check it out: http://thetechwaynews.com/2013/04/24/galaxy-s4-review/

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