Yahoo outs new Weather, Mail apps for iOS,Android. And they’re nice!

“The newest Weather app for iPhone and iPod touch to hit the market uses gorgeous photography, well-designed informational icons and simple navigation. And it’s from Yahoo. Really! The company also has a new take on email for tablets.”

Yahoo is taking the next step in its effort to make some of its most popular services more appealing and accessible to the growing audience connecting to the internet on smartphones and tablet computers.

The mobile push being orchestrated by CEO Marissa Mayer has hatched Yahoo’s first email application for Apple’s iPad and other tablet computers running on Google’s Android software.

Yahoo also has created a new weather app for Apple’s iPhone that will provide current temperatures and forecasts on top of slideshows featuring pictures of landmarks and other scenery in the cities chosen by a user.

Yahoo Weather for iOS

Woww !! Great thought .

Let me know about these application 🙂 Happy Blogging !!

  1. danteinitaly says:

    I love the new yahoo apps their beautiful!

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