Twitter launches Music Servie

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Research & Technology, Technical articals
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Twitter Music Is a Discovery Powerhouse for Your iPhone, Enjoy Music Forget World.

Twitter has launched a service for people to find music they like and tweet songs from iTunes, Spotify and Radio.

Twitter said in a blog post that an app will be available for download from Apple’s online store. A Web version is also expected on April 18. Twitter said the service will eventually be available on Android devices as well.

Music and Twitter are a natural combo. The service’s most popular users are musicians, by and large, and if you think about it, music is all about trends — both long- and short-term. Styles and genres help define contemporary culture, and individual artists can quickly get the whole world talking about them — with the right song (hello, Psy!).

OPEN Gangnam Style !!!!!!!!

Twitter Music (or Twitter #Music, as the company calls it) fits right into this world by presenting users with snack-size slices of what music has to offer. Very little searching and browsing is required (indeed, the search function is one of the app’s weakest features) — all you need to do is tap a couple of times to immerse yourself in music that someone, somewhere is listening to.

Twitter Music plays 30-second previews of songs from iTunes by default, which can lead to an ADD-fueling experience of rapidly varying music. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At that pace, you can get through the entire Top 140 songs in a little over an hour — not bad for capturing the zeitgeist.

Connecting a Spotify or Rdio account creates a different, more laid-back experience as you listen to full tracks. That’s good for casual listening, but I think there’s value in just going with iTunes. For quickly sampling Twitter’s recommendations or what your friends are listening to, it’s actually pretty cool.

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