Who is Up & Who is Down – Android , iOS, Blackberry,Windows !!

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Research & Technology, Technical articals
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Android up 13%, iOS down 7%, BlackBerry down 81% … and Windows Phone up a massive 52%


Analysis clearly stated the story of mobile OS  market share. Microsoft is doing exceptionally well, with iOS and blackberry going down.

Smartphone sales by operating system - U.S.

Google’s Android now owns more than half of U.S. smartphone sales, with 51.2 percent market share. That’s up from 45.4 percent in the quarter a year ago. Meanwhile, iOS is holding fairly steady at number two, with 43.5 percent, down slightly from last year’s 47 percent.

What’s interesting about the Windows numbers, even though they are on a much smaller installed base, is that Windows Phone is currently the fastest-growing mobile phone platform. At 4.1 percent of mobile operating system market share, Microsoft still has a very long ways to go, and growth rates could start to slow as it piles up share. But the numbers have to be encouraging for Redmond as it is finally gaining traction in a market that it once appeared to have completely lost.

And the international numbers contain pockets of even more good news, such as Italy, where Windows Phone now makes up 13.1 percent of new phone sales.

Meanwhile, Samsung is continuing to expand its Android leadership, taking away market share from competitors LG and HTC.

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