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Microsoft is planning to upgraded windows 8 with windows 8.1 , codename “Blue”. Microsoft Corp. has officially announced they will be updating a bunch of services and features that will update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, also known as Windows ‘Blue.’ Recent rumors point to a June release date, with the update coming during the Build Developer Conference.

“Take a first look here.

Last month Windows 8.1 Build 9375 was leaked on WinForum.en, and screen shots and walk-throughs have made their way around the internet ever since.

The updates on Windows 8.1 Blue will be minor to the average user.

8.1 has a few minor UI changes and a couple added apps, but the more noteworthy changes are larger and smaller Live Tiles, more Start Screen customization, and a more efficient original side-by-side app view for multitasking. A Play option under the Devices panel, a screenshot button on the Share sidebar, and Internet Explorer 11, which comes packaged with the new OS, are also new additions.

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  1. Fabian Deren says:

    My name is Devon and just looking for a place to hang and talk tech. I am a Ubuntu user and have been using it since 8.04

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