Hello Guys !!In this post we gonna see Philips Fluid Concept Phone. Lets take a look at this product.

The Phillips Fluid has an organic light emitting diode (OLED) screen, the mobile phone is so designed that it can be wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet or it can be used as a normal MOBILE or IT can be worn round the wrist like a watch. Phillips Fluid is fashionable and filled with features .SAMSUNG is another company  that is working on the bendable concept and developing the samsung skin  that too can make many shapes.

Designed for Philips, the mobile phone wraps around the wrist to become a bracelet for the fashionable, while gives an easy access on the go.

So, the concept of wearable smart jewellery is making its way now. And it is quite obvious that in coming years , we will surely see similar kind of products.

Here are some of the pictures of this.

Smartphone concept  Philips Fluid 12


Smartphone concept  Philips Fluid 4

Smartphone concept  Philips Fluid 9

So people let me know how you like this concept..!! As far as my point, i am loving it.

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