Consumer Electronic Show Las Vegas 2013

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Research & Technology
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hello people !!

Last month the biggest technology trade  show was held at Las Vegas USA between 8-10  january 2013. Over 3,000 exhibitors showcased a wide range of innovative products this year. This year the categories include 3D, Accesories, Audio, Automotive Electronics, Embedded Technology, Lifestyle Electronics, Wireless & Wireless Devices to name a few. 2013 International CES however was not necessarily being noted for announcing the newest products, but getting a lot of press for the fundamental changes about to hit the digital world; such as motion detection sensors, the driverless cars and digital home safety and technology

Well all i can say this the technology is getting smarter day by day !! This time the show was all about  saw a host of new products breaking ground, from ultra-HD televisions to OLED TVs. However, there were several more gadgets that caught our eye due to the innovation they bring to the table. Not only did these products show how our gadgets will look in the future, these new gadgets technologies clearly showed how far we have come in just a few years.

So lets now lets look at some of the nifty gadgets displayed at show.

Samsung’s flexible display, Youm

The prototype had a wraparound screen that covered the right side of the device and could be used to view stock ticker and such information, thus providing more screen space to users. The smartphone tablet with OLED & flexible screen make its mark in the show.

Intel’s paper-tab

Intel, Queen’s University from Canada and the British company Plastic Logic joined hands to develop a paper-thin display for tablets. Called PaperTab, it is a 10.7-inch plastic display that feels like paper and can be folded as well as dropped without any damage.

PaperTab runs on second-generation Intel Core i5 processor and several of these displays can be joined with each other to create a larger screen. A single app can be used on each display and users can read large documents by bending the screen. Capable of storing thousands of documents at a time, PaperTab can also be used to send emails.

Curved OLED TVs by LG, Samsung

These 3D-compatible flatscreen OLED televisions are just prototypes currently, but are expected to arrive in the market in the next few years. but surely , they will make their way in coming years.

Android appliances :

so are you ready for android appliances, wanna hack your oven and washing machine ..hAHAHA  , this is now possible with android embedded appliances like  android powered oven , and air conditioner .

HiSense Android Fridge

Figure of HighSense android Fridge , runs on android 3.2 !!

Lenovo IdeaCentre:

This mammoth table Pc is meant for personal computing, which can be used by 4 person at a time. Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has said it will be powered by Core i5 and Core i7 ULV processors and battery life is likely to be around 2 hours. Other hardware specifications of the device are 8GB RAM, 1TB memory with optional 64GB SSD, 1GB Nvidia graphic card, Wi-Fi, USB 3.0 and HD camera. It comes with customised games (by developers like EA and Ubisoft) and accessories like e-dice and joysticks.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony unveiled its first phone with 5-inch screen – Xperia Z – at CES 2013. The smartphone boasts of some other top-of-the-line features as well, such as full-HD (1080p) resolution and 13MP camera.

Samsung 110-inch 4k ultra-HD TV

It is just a concept now with specification include resolution of 3840x2160p. It has a frame that comes with two woofers, two tweeters and two mid-range speakers, running on a 120W amplifier.

SO, let me know how do you find this blog !! till then happy coding 🙂

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