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This article is about a data access technology used with .NET framework, which is called as Ado.net.Most real-time application needs to handle voluminous amount of data, say in form of database, text file or any other file.

To access this data the application needs to implement the functionlity, whereby they can interact with various database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle etc.Now, suppose user wants to retrieve some data , while some other user may require both retrieve and update of data so to provide all this functionality ADO.net technology is used as data access technology.

It can be used with all .net framework compliant languages such as visual basic, visual c# , visual c++ , F# .

ADO.NET is the new database technology of the .NET (Dot Net) platform, and it builds on Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO). It comes with .net Framework 3.0.It is a model used by .net application to communicate with a database for retrieving , accessing and updating data. It act as an interface between client application (win app, web app, other app) and Data source (database, textfile,webserver).

Note: Data will be travelled in the form of XML format.


Data Provider: data residing in a database is retreived through a data provider. It consist of set of components which include connection object ,command object, DataReader object,DataSet object,DataAdapter object. It provides data to the application, and update the change which made in the application.An application may access data through data set or data reader.

The SqlConnection Object

To interact with a database, you must have a connection to it. The connection helps identify the database server, the database name, user name, password, and other parameters that are required for connecting to the data base. A connection object is used by command objects so they will know which database to execute the command on.

The SqlCommand Object

The process of interacting with a database means that you must specify the actions you want to occur. This is done with a command object. You use a command object to send SQL statements to the database. A command object uses a connection object to figure out which database to communicate with. You can use a command object alone, to execute a command directly, or assign a reference to a command object to an SqlDataAdapter, which holds a set of commands that work on a group of data as described below.

The SqlDataReader Object

Many data operations require that you only get a stream of data for reading. The data reader object allows you to obtain the results of a SELECT statement from a command object. For performance reasons, the data returned from a data reader is a fast forward-only stream of data. This means that you can only pull the data from the stream in a sequential manner This is good for speed, but if you need to manipulate data, then a DataSet is a better object to work with.

The DataSet Object

DataSet objects are in-memory representations of data. They contain multiple Datatable objects, which contain columns and rows, just like normal database tables. You can even define relations between tables to create parent-child relationships. The DataSet is specifically designed to help manage data in memory and to support disconnected operations on data, when such a scenario make sense. The DataSet is an object that is used by all of the Data Providers, which is why it does not have a Data Provider specific prefix.

The SqlDataAdapter Object

Sometimes the data you work with is primarily read-only and you rarely need to make changes to the underlying data source Some situations also call for caching data in memory to minimize the number of database calls for data that does not change. The data adapter makes it easy for you to accomplish these things by helping to manage data in a disconnected mode. The data adapter fills a DataSet object when reading the data and writes in a single batch when persisting changes back to the database. A data adapter contains a reference to the connection object and opens and closes the connection automatically when reading from or writing to the database. Additionally, the data adapter contains command object references for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations on the data. You will have a data adapter defined for each table in a DataSet and it will take care of all communication with the database for you. All you need to do is tell the data adapter when to load from or write to the database.

conclusion :

ADO.NET is the .NET technology for interacting with data sources. You have several Data Providers, which allow communication with different data sources, depending on the protocols they use or what the database is. Regardless, of which Data Provider used, you’ll use a similar set of objects to interact with a data source. The SqlConnection object lets you manage a connection to a data source. SqlCommand objects allow you to talk to a data source and send commands to it. To have fast forward-only read access to data, use the SqlDataReader. If you want to work with disconnected data, use a DataSet and implement reading and writing to/from the data source with a SqlDataAdapter.


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