Posted: September 13, 2012 in Object Oriented concept Via C#

Just imagine what will the situation if this “object oriented child ” had not taken birth…!! I guess programmers and developers life will not be so good as of now.. 

 “coding is beautiful thing” 

Yes , completely true the features of this technique made the life of the coder quite easy. Take a look at the following:

The concept of object-orientation is quite simple. OOPS is an design philosophy.
CLASS: It is the representation of object. (blueprint) to describe details of object.
Example: CAR

OBJECT: Any real time entity , take space in memory, usually instance of class. for example :

This mode of programming language is helpful in solving real world problem. “data and method are bind together in Object”


Programming techniques may include features such as data abstractionencapsulationmessagingmodularitypolymorphism, and inheritance.

Simula67 came in 1960, the first object oriented language combine with c++ to give the features of object oriented world. other languages include Java, Smalltalk, C#.

personally, i like c#, and the only reason is my love towards Microsoft. Java is also good but at least not for me.Object-oriented features have been added to many existing languages during that time, including ada, basic, fortan, pascal, and others. Adding these features to languages that were not initially designed for them often led to problems with compatibility and maintainability of code.


Here i complete with my first bolg !! will see u again to explain more about this magical concept.


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